Tourist Attractions

Most of the interesting activities in Sandy Point are water-based. The most popular of these activities are surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. There is also an area called the Shallow Inlet Marine Costal Park where tourists can come to see some of Sandy Point's native wildlife.

For tourists interested in windsurfing, there is a great windsurfing club/school in Sandy Point called Windsurfing Victoria. The club is home to a number of national and international champions but is also perfect for beginners of even people who have never tried windsurfing before. For more details, visit their website at

Windsurfing at Sandy Point

There are a number of great kitesurfing schools in Sandy Point, for any level of kitesurfer. At Sandy Point's beaches, the conditions are usually perfect for kitesurfing, so if you are planning on having a holiday there, why not give kitesurfing a go.

The Shallow Inlet Marine and Costal Park gives tourists the chance to see some amazing wildlife in its natural habitat. There are also boat tours around the park and even fishing with professional instructors, both off-shore and on-shore. The park also offers bird-watching tours and also multiple picnic ares with barbecues so you can settle down for a meal after a long, enjoyable day at the park.

The Shallow Inlet Marine and Costal Park